Supervisor: Bob Muench - 801.578.8378 or 801.578.8624 or

Fax: 578.8416

» Emergency Situation Interpreters (Please use this list for an emergency if we are not available..)

» Communication Video: The 10-minute training session for communicating with non-English speakers.

» Interpreter Reporting Hours Billing Form (Prepare 2 copies and give one to the interpreter.)
» Written translations will now be billed through the translation office.

» Please contact Bob Muench via Email or phone to apply to work as an interpreter or translator.

Website Translation Notice

The Salt Lake City School District utilizes Google Translate to quickly translate our website into different languages. However, the translations are not perfect and may contain errors, and some words or phrases may not be translated at all. Official translations are available when listed. If you need an official translation of a document, please Email Bob Muench or call our Translation Services Department at 801.578.8378.




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