Increase the English language and social skills for parents and students, and academic achievement of refugee students. Empower refugee students and their parents to be successful and integrate into mainstream society.


The purpose of the Refugee Liaison is to provide support to students and their families, to provide access to resources so that they can become academically successful. Facilitate their iintegration into society, and provide orientation to refugee students and parents with respect to the education system. Coordinate school/parent meetings. Attend IEP meetings and facilitate home visits. Work with relocation agencies to support the students and their families in navigating the education system. Serve on committees addressing refugee youth concerns.

Coordinator: Christal Rattanavilay - 801.244.3835 (cell) 801.578.8368 (office)

Refugee Advocate: Ali Mohamed

Refugee Advocate: Andre Muhimuzi

Adminstrative Assistant: Frank Brambila - 801.578.8265

Fax: 801.578.8416

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