The information on this page treats the topic of the ESL Endorsement Program used by Salt Lake City School District

TELL/Teachers of English Language Learners
The ESL Endorsement Program used by Salt Lake City School District

• Length of ESL Program ~ Two years meeting once a week, Tuesday or Thursday. Six courses total with three courses per school year. Ten sessions/weeks per course. Three hours per session (4pm – 7pm). A one-week break is held between courses.

• Class tuition ~ $150 per course paid at the time of registration. Make checks to SLCSD (Salt Lake City School District). Registration is at the Administration Building in suite 210. Only registration and course payment will reserve class placement. Tuition is due at registration and three weeks prior to the beginning of each course.

• Locations ~ Classes are held at various district locations. It is expected that students will remain at the same site for the entire year of course work. Beginning the second year, a new site with a different instructor must be chosen.

• Materials ~ The Student Guide and CD’s will be provided through an email with Creative Works, a department at BYU. These materials will be made available after you are registered with the district. Additional books are supplied by our office on a library system. These must be returned to the district at the end of each course. If they become lost, severely damaged, or are not returned, the student must pay for a replacement and their grade is withheld until this is taken care of.

• Program Credentials ~ The ESL endorsement is a graduate level, eighteen-hour credit program from Brigham Young University. It is NOT a workshop format and it cannot be taken pass/fail. Each course earns 3 graduate credits. It is considered a rigorous program by the university and the Utah State Office of Education. No grade below a B- will be accepted. Teachers who have moved from Utah, have been granted reciprocity in districts throughout the U.S.

• Companion Professional Development (PD) ~ This is a major piece of your endorsement work, and no grade is submitted without current PD, i.e., work done during the session and associated with the course. If you have already taken the companion PD that accompanies your TELL course and it is posted to your CACTUS, please talk to your instructor. More information will be given in class.

• Homework ~ Expect as many hours of homework per week as there is “seat time”.

If you have further questions, please contact Louise Benzon, administrative assistant with Ed. Equity Department, suite 210 at or call 801-578-8296.

When taking a different program, or checking approval for work completed out of state, contact the Utah State Office of Education to verify the program will be accepted by their office.

Utah State Office of Education
ESL Endorsement Specialist
P O Box 144200
SLC, Utah 84114-4200

Educational endorsements are granted by the Utah State Office of Education, not the district.


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