The critical work of English Language Arts is to develop a complex and flexible literacy foundation which requires students to orchestrate multiple aspects of language in order to be proficient readers and writers.  Specifically we want our students to be able to:

Read and comprehend texts across a range of genres and text complexities and access strategies for restoring understanding; 

Construct a response, either orally or written, to texts read or written;

Compose narrative, informational, and argumentative texts.   


Scarborough Reading Rope

Elementary Resource:

Development of Reading Fluency Project: FORI Lesson Plan

FORI Lesson Plan

Elementary Announcements:

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Professional Development: WONDERS

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Whole Group Instruction
StartSmart Links Whole Group Instruction Links Collaborative Conversations Poster Instructional Time for Salt Lake City School District Elementary Schools

Secondary Announcements: (Grades 6-12)

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Jeff Wilhelm Inquiry Workshops -

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Effective Writing Resource:

In Common: Effective Writing for All Students Collection of all Student Work Samples, K-12
by the Vermont Writing Collaborative, with Student Achievement Partners and CCSSO.

In Common is a collection of K-12 students writing samples gathered from classrooms across the country.
We hope that this bank of annotated student work will provide a foundation for analysis and discussions that lead to a deep and nuanced understanding of the Common Core Writing Standards.

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Effective Writing


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