The goal of the Educational Technology Department is to prepare students and educators to live, learn and work in the 21st century.

Students will:
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature and operations of technology systems.
  • Be proficient in the use of technology.
  • Develop positive attitudes toward technology uses that support lifelong learning, collaboration, personal pursuits and productivity.
Educators will:
  • Have consistent access to professional development in support of technology use in teaching and learning.
  • Salt Lake City School District employs three full-time Educational Technology Facilitators who provide professional development for all of our schools.

Hour of Code

12/5/16 - 12/ 11/16

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Recipients of the SLCSD Educational Technology Endorsement

Please join us in congratulating these 25 fine teachers who have finished our USOE-endorsed Educational Technology Endorsement Program. 135 other teachers are currently enrolled.

Amy Winegar, Deborah Crane, Kelly Knowlton, Keslee Keele, Kimberly Platt, Macy Ostrom, Rebecca Gifford, Roshawn Starr, Ulrike Dannhauer, Liesel Connor, Jamie Deetscreek,
Christi Poulson, Kristen Ross, Lindsay Kinney, Pam Clark, Brooke Simons,
Lara Dean, Emma Chandler, Lisa Mish, Michael Davies, Tina Misaka, Terrilyn Lee, Stephanie Robbins, Steven Talbot, & Brenda Bates

To learn more and see photos visit our Educational Technology Resources Page!

Educational Technology Endorsement Program

Increase your skills and have fun at the same time earning the Salt Lake City School District Educational Technology Endorsement
Please fill in this application and send it to Elaine Villarruel, Salt Lake City School District, 440 East 100 South, 84111

Grant Writing - Teachers & Technology - Century Link Grant - Coming Soon!

New Teacher Orientation

As part of the New Teacher Orientation, teachers are required to read through the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). By applying for and accepting a District password, employees are acknowleding that they have read through and understand the policy.

Link for the Acceptable Use Policy.
Link for the Cautionary use of YouTube Video. This information is meant to help you be aware of problems encountered when showing YouTube videos in class.
Link for the Smart Board Tools Introduction Video.

Notice the two new links on the left side menu. UENTV provides a schedule and a brief synopsis of programs available on their station including expensive gems like Signing Time, Cheese Science and Peep And The Big Wide World. UEN provides them for Utah Classrooms.

UtahITV provides similar information including scheduling and more detailed synopsis. Click here to learn about the Multimedia Guide.

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