“All standard issues are tied into character. While high standards lead to good character, schools that stress character development are more likely to have students who reach high academic standards. It works both ways.”
Richard Riley, U.S. Secretary of Education

Character Ed Curriculum Strives to Help Schools Create a Compassionate Community

There is so much good that comes from teaching students to be good citizens who respect themselves and their communities. Each month, the Character Ed Representatives are introducing a new character supporting theme to their schools. By using these themes, they are teaching students about values that create compassionate communities. All citizens of the Salt Lake City School District are invited to participate in teaching and modeling these important values.

Elementary Curriculum

Secondary Curriculum

September - Responsibility

October - Respect

November - Citizenship

December - Caring

January - Fairness

February - Kindness

March - Trustworthy

April - Perseverance

May - Character

September - Commitment

October - Community

November - Responsibility

December - Compassion

January - Courage

February - Kindness

March - Integrity

April - Perseverance

May - Service


Bryant Middle School Welcomed International Motivational Speaker, Nick Vujicic

On Thursday, March 7, 2013, Bryant Middle School hosted Nick Vujicic, along with Governor Herbert, Miss Utah, Superintendent Withers and other dignitaries, for a motivational experience that focused on the importance of ending bullying right now.

Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs. He has faced many trials in his life, but early on he decided that he could either be angry about what he didn't have or, be grateful for what he does. He made the choice to be grateful. He is a father, an international speaker, he plays socccer and golf and he motivates people to choose to make positive choices that uplift and build up those around them rather than taking any one down.

Nick focused on the importance of stopping bullying right now. He talked to those students who think bullying makes them tough and worked hard to resonate with them the fact that strength comes from building others up and being tough enough to ask for forgiveness. He told the students that their power to love is tremendous, but so is their power to torment and urged them to love.

His speech was streamed into 100 schools across the state and is available on the UEN.

Click here for the story and pictures from the Deseret News.

3 E's for Success

Salt Lake City School District through the Community of Caring/Character Education program is striving to create safe and caring learning communities for all students. The program focuses on three key components that will assist students in achieving academic success, ethical moral behavior and engagement in their own learning and the life of the school and community. These 3 components are referred to as the 3 E's for success.

Excellence/Performance Character
Ethics/Moral Character
is a mastery orientation and is needed for an individual to realize their potential. It consists of qualities such as a strong work ethic, effort, positive attitude, perseverance, ingenuity, and self-discipline. is a relational orientation and it enables an individual to treat themselves and others with respect and care and ensures that ethical means are used to achieve excellence. It consists of qualities such as integrity, justice, caring, respect, honesty and fairness. is putting Excellence and Ethics to work. It brings with it a promise to be present, to take part, to commit to do the right thing and to develop a personal sense of community.

Basic Education Program

The Basic Educational Program shall meet the legal standards and guidelines for elementary and secondary schools set by the Utah State Legislature and Office of Education. In addition, curriculum related policies approved by the Salt Lake City School District 's Board of Education, such as Character Education, Multi-cultural Education, Safe and Drug-Free Schools , and School-to-Careers, must be integrated throughout the BEP.

District Performance Results

Our goal is for each student to be:

  • A complex thinker and problem solver
  • An effective communicator
  • A cooperative group participant and leader
  • A contributor to the community
  • A quality worker and producer
  • A self-directed learner

» District Student Achievement Plan


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Administrative Assistant: Patty Ward - 801.578.8245

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