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    During the 2011 legislative session, the Utah State Legislature (SB64) determined that teacher evaluation would include a component of student growth: the SLO/SGP process. USOE provided technical assistance to districts and created required standards for documentation to be used during the pilot in 2014-15 and full implementation in 2015-16. All districts and charter schools are required to implement SLO/SGPs in the teacher evaluation system.

    Student Learning Objectives (SLO) are content– and grade-specific learning objectives that describe what students should know and be able to do at the end of that course or grade. SLOs put student learning first and use student data to make the teacher’s impact on student achievement visible.

    Approved SLOs and Teacher Resources are located in the District Document Center. If you are not a district employee and have a question about an SLO, please contact Logan Hall, Educator Evaluation Supervisor.

Approved SLOs and Teacher Resources

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