The mission of Physical Education is to develop healthy, responsible students who have the knowledge and skills to work together in groups, think critically, and participate in a variety of activities that lead to lifelong healthy lifestyles.  We believe educators can be the inspiration to motivate students to lead healthy, active lives.  It is the goal of the Physical Education Department to help students in the Salt Lake City School District lead active lives, both for the health of their bodies and the enrichment of their minds.   

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Elementary Physical Education

The Salt Lake City School District Elementary School P.E. Program has adopted the SPARK Elementary Curriculum for the 2016-17 school year. SPARK is aligned with the national standards and is designed to be inclusive while promoting activity.

Elementary Paraprofessionals: Plan now to attend the SPARK Booster Day of Training. It will be held onMarch 3, 2017, from 9:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. at Mountain View Elementary School. Please be sure to bring your SPARK Boxes and Binders to this training. Please bring a lunch with you. There is so much information to share that we will be having a working lunch hour.

Motivating Kids to Move - Dr. Recess Assembly and Playground Games Program

The Dr. Recess Assembly & Playground Games program is an on-site assembly and games program that promotes the importance of being active and living a healthy life by using developmentally appropriate games to teach social/emotional skills, thinking skills, and motor skills to elementary school children. It was created by award-winning teacher and author, Curt Hinson, Ph.D., as part of the Trouble-free Playground program. Dr. Hinson’s Trouble-free Playground program is currently being implemented at schools in all 50 states. The Dr. Recess Assembly & Playground Games program allows schools to improve the health and fitness levels of children by teaching them appropriate games and activities to play during recess. The Motivating Kids to Move Booklet is available for you here, with Dr. Hinson's permission.

Motivating Kids to Move

Want to Improve your Classroom Management Techniques?

Dr. Robert Pangrazi led a workshop on Classroom Management last September. If you'd like to view some of his informational handouts, please check out the following links:

Management and Discipline

Management and Class Starts 2015

Utah Core Standards for Physical Education

Secondary Physical Education

Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

Utah Core Standards for Physical Education

High School Physical Education Graduation Requirements and Application for Credit Review

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