Superintendent McKell WithersWelcome to the Salt Lake City School District website. I invite you to learn more about our students, schools, and community as you explore the information presented here. I grew up in Salt Lake City and attended our schools from kindergarten through high school graduation. After working in a neighboring school district for several years as a teacher, counselor, and administrator, it is great to be back. Our primary objective and commitment is to help all children succeed.

The Salt Lake City School District serves the children and community of Utah’s capital city. The boundaries for the district are contiguous with the boundaries of Salt Lake City. Inside the district you will find great diversity. Some areas of the city feature multi-million dollar homes, while in other areas, over 90% of the children and families live in poverty. Our district serves approximately 24,000 students with over 80 languages being spoken in our schools.

With this diversity come numerous challenges and opportunities. Research into our testing and assessment data demonstrates that students who remain in our schools for at least three years learn, on average, at a faster pace than their peers across the country. Research also shows English Language Learners in our district are making excellent progress, sometimes at a faster pace than native English speakers.

Public education continues to play a vital role in today’s society, and I am excited to be part of it. All children can learn, and all children deserve to be given the chance to reach their highest potential. We hope that if you live in or near Salt Lake City, that your children will be able to grow up in our schools and find out first hand what great educators and staff we have working in Salt Lake City. If you have any questions that are not answered on our website, please contact the Communications Department.

Dr. McKell Withers
Superintendent of Schools

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