Below are the current solicitations out to bid or pending award with Salt Lake City School District and the Purchasing Department.

Description Number Due Date
USDA Mozzarella Cheese Processing - Pizza TF1558-M February 3, 2015
USDA Beef Coarse Ground Processing TF1559-B February 4, 2015
USDA Chicken Legs Processing TF1581-CL February 6, 2015
USDA Chicken Small Bird Processing TF1569-SB February 6, 2015
Magazine Subscription Services TF1586-SS February 24, 2015
Mathematics Curriculum, Grades 7-8 and/or 9-11 TF1589-MC March 4, 2015
Football Helmet Reconditioning TH1590-FBHR15 March 9, 2015
Language Arts Curriculum, Grades K-6 TF1588-LA March 12, 2015

Uniforms for Child Nutrition, Warehouse, and Transportation Departments Logo 1

Logo 2, Logo 3, Logo 4, Logo 5

TH1592-U15 March 19, 2015



Below are the current solicitations for new or remodel of buildings within the Salt Lake City School District. Exceptions to this process will be noted on individual bids.

Description Number Due Date
Architectural Services for Lincoln Elementary Addendum 1 JB1583-LE-ARCH February 17, 2015
Artificial Turf Football Fields: Materials Purchase and Installation Addendum 1 JB1565-TP March 5, 2015
Artificial Turf Football Fields: Stage I General Contractor Pre-Qualification JB1565-Stage I-GC March 10, 2015
Roof Top Unit Replacement for Choral and Music Rooms at West High School JB1591-RTU March 24, 2015
Playground Surfacing Upgrade & Repair at Jackson Elementary Bid Set JB1593-JE March 24, 2015
Phase I Heating Supply & Return Line Replacement at Highland High School Plans JB1587-HHS March 24, 2015

Attention Vendors:

The Salt Lake City School District wants to alert suppliers to an active email ordering scam that involves requests for quotations, establishment of credit, or submissions of a purchase order. This request could appear to originate from the Purchasing Department at the Salt Lake City School District. If you are not familiar with the documents being provided and/or content of a district purchase order or you suspect fraud in any way, please contact us immediately before responding to the email or fulfilling any purchase order.



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